Things That Make You Sing

Things That Make You Sing

Did you know when U2 is writing a new song, Bono sings in gibberish? He just sings the tune that is creating itself in his mind and heart—he just lets it out. He sings out random words, random syllables. He just sings. Later, he goes back and fills in the tune with words.

Sometimes the rawest moments in life deserve a bit of singing.

I got a call today that was crazy. It was so crazy it made my heart rate skyrocket. It made me jump out of my chair. It made me lose my breath. Do you ever have moments like this?

The point isn't about what I heard on the phone (although I will tell you in a minute), but it's more about pursuing things that make you hum in life [or insert your expression of joy and excitement].

What makes you hum? What makes you jump out of your chair and give a shout that shakes the walls of your office? Are you afraid to let yourself get that excited?

If I don't have a singing moment every day, I start to feel like I'm going crazy. It doesn't take a phone call to make me sing. Sometimes it's a great book. Or I spend some time brainstorming and I have a crazy idea, it makes me sing. Many days, it's a fun moment with my wife and kids. They always make me sing.

What do I sing you ask? Nonsensical things. Sometimes it's a childhood theme song, sometimes it's a made up song about how great life is. Sometimes a Mbichana Boys song. Sometimes it's simply gibberish.

I'm singing because I'm stretching my mind, I'm putting myself in a position to see life as a child sees it for the first time. And it's exciting.

The Phone Call

When I answered the phone, one of our clients told us they are visiting the White House and meeting with the presidential staff about their business in Africa. This client had a real mess on their hands and we helped them fix it, getting their mine back on track.

They're going to tell the President's team that we're the ones to work with in Africa. Yes, the POTUS and his staff.

It made me shout. It made me sing. And I didn't know what to say.

Don't be afraid to sing. I don't care if you sing on key, or look silly. I'll sing with you cause it's fun. If you're joyful and enjoying life, it's contagious, it makes others happy. It spreads like the giggles of a two year old.

Is your life full of singing moments? Create them. Run with them. Set your heart free. It's time that more people began singing.

Singing is just what I do. Maybe you shout. Maybe you sprint down the road like Napoleon Dynamite—whatever. One of my friends goes mountain biking to celebrate. Just set your heart free in moments of pure joy. Life's too short not to celebrate your successes, no matter how big or small they are.

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