Thinking In Terms Of Supply Over Demand

Thinking In Terms Of Supply Over Demand

It’s basic economics, make decisions based on supply and demand.

If you have lots of office space available (aka high supply), and there’s demand for office space, then rent the space.

If you have tons of space and you’re making a decision with the mindset of “well we might need lots of space one day when we expand…” I question your thinking.

When dozens of entrepreneurs need office space and you have it, then share it, rent it, lease it, sell it.

When demand is high, refuse to allow your thinking to fall into the trap of supply-based decision making. "We might run out of supply in 5 years so we better be careful" is a hoarder mentality that allows for little-to-zero flexibility and progression in your thinking.

When supply is higher than demand and you continue to make decisions based on supply, then your vision will stagnant, if it hasn’t already.

When demand is screaming out to give us more supply (aka restock your goods, give us your services, we can’t get it enough), then you have a business opportunity. Seize it.

And for the record, just because you didn’t think of it doesn’t mean you can’t produce it. If a team member comes up with a great idea to maximize an under-utilized resource, empower them to make that vision happen.

That’s what innovative people and companies do. When ego gets in the way, you hoard surplus just in case, rather than giving, collaborating, and innovating.

And then you wake up one day and you’ve innovated yourself out of leadership. Boo hoo. No one cares cause it’s your fault and shame on you.

Empowerment is a choice. Casting vision is a choice. Making healthy supply and demand decisions is a choice.

(photo via nomadic_lass)