Thinking We Think

Thinking We Think

You’re thinking, but you’re also not thinking. It’s subliminal.

A well-known Zimbabwean entrepreneur said recently, "We Africans, we think that we think."

Thinking can be lethargic action. An antithesis of making progress and moving forward. Just because you’ve thought about something and you intend to get around to doing something, has no bearing on the ripple effect of your non-action.

This happens on so many levels in society.

The government official thinks about helping his office staff with the lack of salary payment, but doesn’t put it in writing, action it, and petition for it. He wishes them well with his good thoughts. He thinks he thinks.

But the reality is people are starving because of his thinking.

Or the police officer who sees corrupt dealings all around him and wants to stop, but just thinks about it. Stopping is hard. It would take his entire life’s career to take on this battle. He very well might fail. So he thinks about it and does nothing.

Eventually, he stops thinking about it. Because “Well, I already thought about that…”

He thinks he thinks about stopping corruption.

But the reality is, our very citizens are being extorted and oppressed in the streets. Those who should be the model for justice are demoted to vagabonds in uniforms.

Let’s shift it more personal. You think about helping your wife with the kids. If only she judged you on your intentions! Anyone who’s married out there understands this, you are never judged by your intent, but by what you actually say and DO. (Here’s a tip: do more than you say.)

In your business, you think “Perhaps we could be better in a lot of ways…” but then you don’t go to the point of action and designing systems to run your business efficiently, effectively, and excellently.

Don’t be fooled. You’re thinking you think.

This problem is rampant on our continent. But we must be honest with ourselves. We’re not really thinking it through. We just think we are.

Thinking we’re thinking...

(photo via sir x)