Tiny Compromises & The Path To Mediocre

Tiny Compromises & The Path To Mediocre

"The best way to end up mediocre is via tiny compromises.” Seth Godin

It doesn't take much to deviate from the path. Navigating via compass, if you're a few degrees off, you literally could sail to a totally different continent.

We are kings and queens of compromise in Africa. It's part of our society. I suppose it's actually human nature.

When a business owner starts to grow and needs to hire more staff, you begin to see those tiny compromises around every corner. It's common.

Next time you encounter a compromise in your life, stop, make note of it, and think about what you could do to solve it, avoid it, or fix the situation.

This exercise will keep you focused on attaining excellence and will keep you fresh in your thinking toward scaling your business growth.

(photo via slimjim)