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  • The 1,000 Floor Elevator

    If you’re a designer and you interview with Google for a job, you’ll be assessed based on your creativity and problem solving on the fly. They’re known for asking design problems for you to solve in the interview. Like the 1,000 Floor Elevator...  Read More

  • Aim For The Heart

    "Aim for the heart, not the head. Your first question should always go to the heart." It's easy to jump right in and talk pros and cons. Strategy and cash. X's and O's. But it's all head stuff. The heart connection is what...  Read More

  • On Hiring...

    The important thing to remember is that hiring a bad person is more expensive and wastes more time than waiting for a good person. It’s tempting to say “at this point, anybody would do” but that’s never, ever true. The wrong person will not merely fail to do their job, they will make everybody slower at theirs...  Read More