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  • Step By Step Growth

    We have been receiving quite a number of inquiries from many of you asking about how to raise financing or grow your business during this economic time. We love your questions and try our best to give you helpful answers. Here’s one that we thought we would share publicly for the benefit of everyone reading...  Read More

  • The Best Way To Eat Glass

    Starting a business is tough. Starting one in Africa is tougher. This is not a road for the person looking to get rich quick. Or for someone who wants to live a comfortable and easy life. It has no guarantee of success...  Read More

  • Tweak It

    I’m hearing about companies closing down. This means that more jobs need to be created. So guess what? We have to create them. It’s time for a little Mythbusters. Myth: If it’s not broken don’t fix it. The truth is: If it’s not broken, then it can probably get better. The Rut...  Read More