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  • The Follow-up Game

    Let me set the stage... We’re in a team meeting and you and I agree that we’ll accomplish a particular task by the end of next week... Great! We’re pumped about it. And the meeting ends. Then I don’t hear from you... Days go by. And I still don’t hear from you... Then...  Read More

  • Are Your Disagreements Healthy?

    Are your disagreements healthy or are you fighting to the death? There’s a good little write-up on that asks, “Are you getting your money’s worth from disagreements?” It’s inevitable when you have people working in a company there will be disagreements. In fact, we contend that disagreements are healthy in a cohesive and collaborative team. The key is...  Read More

  • Hiring Attitude

    Attitude. Att it. It's the beginning of Attitude. The British comedies use it a lot, "Go on, get at it.” There are two ways to get at it with attitude. (Fair warning: I couldn't stay away from the acronyms.)  Read More