Trump Is Not Your Problem. You Are.

Trump Is Not Your Problem. You Are.

All hail President Trump. Drain the swamp. Trump is now the man in charge.

He’s not your problem. He’s not our problem. He’s not Africa’s problem.

The African interwebs have been ignited with Trump speculation this weekend. What if Trump defunds all foreign aid? What if he thinks Africa is a country? If only Hilary had won… I’m going to tear up my green card…

What if, what if, what if…

He’s not your problem. Obama didn’t do much for you either. W. Bush quadrupled aid to Africa. Obama sustained it. If you’re reading this, then you most likely didn’t receive any of that aid anyway! Foreign aid is a broken system. If Trump defunds part of it, then here are a few of the bright sides: reverse brain drain, intra-Africa trade, less channeling of foreign funds for regimes, etc.

Trump isn’t your problem. You are.

I know that may sound harsh to you. But you are your own problem.

You see, the minute you look to the West, or a president, or a government to fix any of your problems, then you’ve lost. You’re a victim to society. You’re going to be stuck in the thinking of it’s always someone else’s problem.

And therein lies the start of a great business…Solving other people’s problems. What a story!

  • Focusing on your own problems = you’re the victim
  • Focusing on other people’s problems in order to solve them = a great entrepreneur

Trump will do his thing, but like most of the USA presidents before him, Africa will be left to it’s own devices. Let’s solve our personal issues first, then look to helping our communities, then our nation. Then at that level, you can have an opinion about another nation’s president.

Congratulations, President Trump. We wish you all the best.

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