Turning Debtors into Fans

Turning Debtors into Fans

Debt collecting is such a drag. You have to call someone every day and ask them when they’re going to pay. Boring.

"Hi, just calling to see if you got more money today? (long pause) No? Oh ok, talk to you tomorrow!"

Writing a business plan is so mundane. You have to sit in front of some writing device (computer, notepad, napkin) and write down what you think will happen when you start your big idea. Tedious.

"What do you think will happen if we spend fifty bucks on Facebook ads? (thinks to himself) I don’t know…maybe I'll say that people will buy our stuff…?"

Everything is a drag at some point. So make it fun, man! Make it fun!

When collecting a debt, make it your goal to have the other person on the other line laughing by the end of your call. Then, by the time they repay, make it your goal to have them become your best friend. So anytime you need anything or want to hang out, they’re in your corner.

People want to repay the people they like best. And they repay them first. Being angry and causing trouble really doesn’t get you too far.

Need to write a business plan? Invite your mates over, host a bonfire, throw some meat on the braai and start talking ideas. Pull out the french press and get the caffeine flowing. Nominate the fastest typist to type nonstop and not edit or proof what she’s typing. You can go back and do that.

Or like our friends over at Thou Mayest Coffee Co did, they rolled out the longest piece of butcher paper they could find, and wrote their business plan in pen—ideas galore, and nothing was too off the wall. They still have that paper and bring it out to reminisce from time to time. Everyone remembers that night around the fire.

Life doesn’t have to be boring or tedious. Sure you’re going to have some days where you have to get it done and do the mundane. But you can spin it positively and create a culture of enjoying relationship and the work at the same time.

(photo via deadserpents)