Turning Gold Into Trash

Turning Gold Into Trash

There are too many golden opportunities out there. Big banners that pop up on your email that say save now, click here, earn more, sign up for this great multi-level marketing gig and earn an extra $500 a month.

Then there's the internal opportunities (or just more work that gets piled onto your desk). It's easy to say yes and take it on because you want to be helpful.

More and more work gets added to you, more tasks. And then the golden opportutnies literally get turned into trash because you can't keep up.

How do you know that you're taking on too much?

#1: You have 3 or more checklists that don't have categories. Tasks get thrown into different folders, online notes, note pads, or a management app.

#2: If you start getting scared or mad at your task lists and goals. There's a literal negative sentiment on your task list, as though it were some sort of an enemy snipering your day.

#3: You don't enjoy the things you used to enjoy. Your mind is hinged on all the opportunities that hobbies and family take the backseat of a Zupco bus.

#4: Something that used to be profitable starts suffering. Too many people leave the goose that lays the golden egg and pursue the elephant that passes out golden grass. Only to find out that it's real grass.

#5: Your unread inbox (not including spam) is 100+. I saw a guy the other day who had 9,000+ unread emails. I mean seriously, you might as well start over at that point. Delete ALL.

#6: When too many people trust you too much. In other words, you let people trust you completely with everything in their lives. If they trust you'll be there when their dog dies, when they drop a ball, when they get an award, when they need help, when they need a baby sitter, and when they need a project manager, then you will let people down. This results in you turning golden relationships into weird, unsatisfactory acquaintances.

Mine the Gold. Don’t turn it to trash.

(photo via susanne nilsson)