Unnecessary Things

Unnecessary Things

Let’s keep innovating and creating the world we want to live in. We can’t just let things happen we have to make them happen.

Survival mentality. What does that look like? Focus on making sure no one’s killing you. Doing what’s necessary to stay a live.

The trouble with this is, you’re not remembered for doing what’s necessary.

Extraordinary businesses are built on what is unnecessary!

You won’t become Virgin Brands overnight. What do you do in your business culture that is unnecessary?

  • Accounting is necessary.
  • Picking up the phone is necessary.
  • Making presentations is necessary.

Let me put it this way….

  • It’s unnecessary to send your top clients a huge suitcase full of marketing ideas.
  • It’s unnecessary to have a ping pong table and an espresso machine in the office for your employees.
  • It’s definitely unnecessary to throw a huge surprise party and invite people from all over the world.
  • It’s unnecessary to give random bonuses.

Richard Branson launched his New York Virgin Megastore by doing something unnecessary.

We live in an age where the unnecessary things are our only necessitites.

Start doing unnecessary things—make people talk and you’ll start getting people to remember you.

What unnecessary things do you plan to do today?

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(photo via virgin & chicago bulls)