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  • Update on Impact Investing & One Empowering Job

    The World Economic Forum released a new research paper. In this paper, the WEF seeks to clarify the definition of Impact Investing as well as gives 5 main recommendations and findings surrounding the impact sector. The definition of Impact Investing has been expanded to a general...  Read More

  • Coffee with the President and Water Drilling (Ethiopia Travel Update)

    We arrived at Addis Ababa Bole International Airport the same time as the Ethiopian soccer team who had just won and advanced to the final round of qualifying for the 2014 World Cup. We thought hundreds of people were gathered round the arrival terminal to see us, but we were mistaken. The team came through with shouts and yells welcoming the heroes home...  Read More

  • Forward Thinking Investors

    When starting a company in Africa, be prepared to encounter fear-based questions, rejections and investors who flat-out want nothing to do with investing in small businesses and startups in Africa. This is definitely true of investors outside of Sub-Saharan Africa, but strangely also true of many investors in the region. We've found that there is a chasm between...  Read More