It’s so easy to be kind. There was a study done that said it takes twice as many muscles to frown than it does to smile.

I travel a lot. And I have never, no, not one, single time seen someone get upgraded while being mean.

I have seen people upgraded. I’ve seen free bags, heavier than normal bags, faulty paperwork, I’ve seen it all go through the system. For me personally. But only when I’m nice.

So be nice!

Standing in line at the bank and people are cranky. If you smile and have a pleasant look about you, chances are you may just catch the eye of the next teller who’s about to open their till. And then give you a little secret head nod, tipping you off that they’re about to open.

And guess who’s suddenly next in line.

"NO! This doesn’t happen in real life," you say!

It happens to me all the time.

People say, “Oh you’re a magician, how do you do it?"

I’m nice.

People are so rude to waiters, customer service agents on the phone and in person. So mean and cranky and they often have a right to be.

But remember, you’ll never get upgraded by shouting, screaming, being mean and throwing a fit.

Parents of toddlers understand this concept completely. No good parent rewards their kid with ice cream when the kid has been screaming and hitting his siblings at the store.

Be nice. Watch what happens next time.