Wait A Minute: Investing In New Ideas In Africa

Wait A Minute: Investing In New Ideas In Africa

I've heard it said, "Wait a minute! Just relax. Be patient. Don't ruffle the system." In other words here's what's being said, "Let China or some other country that's efficient take the lead! Let the US keep creating brands that snuff out the brands of the emerging markets. Let mediocrity grow like a beanstalk and bellow deep chants that haunt our cities, let broken systems break our lives."

It's important to think, create and let good ideas simmer, but to wait for a minute, for an hour, and for a decade for anything to ever get done is a dishonor to a country's growth and the people's genius. It does little good and it enables the infectious BS to keep us behind.

Don't wait, and don't let anyone else wait. Spur people on to execution and instigation that moves ideas forward.

How long should it take to open up a business? How long should it take to get an official passport? How long should it take to get roads fixed? How long should it take for the electricity issues to get sorted out in Zimbabwe (especially when there are 5 different alternatives that were presented to the elect 6 years ago that would have solved the regions power supply issues)?

What are we waiting for? A bribe, a cut, a little commission? Shut up and stop it. We would accomplish way more if no one was concerned with who got the credit, or who got a "small cut." Are we looking out for national economies or are we looking our for individual economies?

Rant complete.

Now for the facts, according to the Milken Institute's 2013 Global Conference, Africa's share of the world's population is increasing rapidly, with the median age in Africa now at 19.7, compared to 30.4 for the rest of the world. Which nation has the highest literacy rate? Zimbabwe.

You tell me, where are the brightest young people coming from?

The top 6 fastest growing economies in the world are in Africa. This number will increase to 7 or more in the next 3 years. Where do you want to invest your time and your talent? The sky's the limit in Africa.

Foreign Investment is beginning to flow into Sub-Saharan Africa at unprecedented rates. It's just a matter of time, so what are you waiting for? Domestic Investment is also picking up.

"Wait a minute" is a thing of the past. The time is here. If you have an idea, a dream, a vision, now's the time to launch.

A few graphs for your viewing pleasure:

World Median Age

World Population

African Investment Flows

World's Fastest Growing Economies

(photos via milken institute)