Wash The Bus (Wa Geza Bhazi)

Wash The Bus (Wa Geza Bhazi)

The Successful Part of the World.

Is Africa ahead of the game? Are we far behind the US and Europe and Australia and so on...?

Many people say “yes, definitely.” But when asked to qualify their answer, most people say something to the notion of "Africa still has stupid problems: problems with water, electricity, connectivity, access to capital, etc.”

We don't have big highways that are working to effectively control traffic. Our policemen get knocked over by public taxis (see news headline photo). We don't have enough financial credit options. There are no McDonalds in sight, let alone the Dollar Menu.

Looking at it differrently. The snapshot of the US is that they are $17+ trillion dollars in debt (link). Each citizen's share of the debt would be around $55,000 USD. What does the average lifestyle look like in Europe? Does it bond families closer together? Most Africans's view of Australia might have the Gold Coast, but Africa had real gold in the ground (I know Australia has gold too, but we’re talking about viewpoint here—it’s not accurate!).

[Sidenote: did you know that if all the world lived like a typical European, we’d need a total of 3 planet Earths to sustain it all? And if we all wanted to live like Americans, we’d need 5 Earths.]

Where does the opportunity lie? Which country or continent holds the true meaning of "success?" (notice I didn't put China on that list). Zimbabwe has a $9.9 Billion dollar debt, the best weather in the world (some say it feels like silk), and people that seem to smile no matter what sort of rubbish they are dealing with.

Zimbabwe (and Africa for that matter) is full of opportunities.

Would you rather have a huge house (with everything working) knowing that you really don't own any of it and that creditors are on your case 24/7? Or would you rather have a good home with family members you care about, a community that's giving its best shot, and a debt that is easily managed?

Zimbabwe has a $9.9 billion dollar debt and endless opportunities to create industry. Let’s stop whining about how bad things are and work together to create an even better nation.

And now for your viewing pleasure, a new Mbichana Boys music video.

(photo via kevin sharp)