Welcome to the Freak Show

Welcome to the Freak Show

If you're in Harare today, Pitch Night is this evening. 6pm at the Celebration Centre, Basement. Come early so you can get a seat! More info here.

Now for today's post...


Freaks of nature...

Creative people often have self-defeating tendencies. They can also come across as stupid, difficult to work with, spacey, or rude.

"Einstein was a painfully slow talker, he didn't like wearing socks at all and he set up strange rules for his loved ones." [source]

One of the most creative people I know has a phobia of chewing gum, he hates meetings with no food, and he has no drivers license, ID or medical insurance. His mind is somewhere else.

Creatives need solid leaders who aren't intimidated by their abnormal, seemingly destructive, and anti-social behaviors. Leaders who can harness their deep genius, help them package it, and catapult it into the normal side of society. Nothing is normal for these hopeless romantics, writers, artists, or unconventional marketers.

When administrators and normal folk see the world as live, work, play, pay bills, and then go on vacation, their life is an abstract piece of vacation. They're always on vacation and there's always stress on their private mind beach. Bills are far less important then paints and a blank canvas.

You can avoid creatives, ignore them, or ridicule them. Or you can mine their creative, have them challenge the road of normal, and be part of their insane to genius transition.

We work with a lot of people who others couldn't handle. We also notice freakish tendencies in each other and sometimes those turn to be the most valuable pieces of our journey.

One mistake not to make is thinking that every stupid person might be a genius. There are people who don't get it! They don't get life, relationships, adrenaline, love or hope (what a shame).

Even Einstein said, “Two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I am not yet completely sure about the universe.”

Many of these abnormals only get discovered or praised after they die, and after their personality traits die with them. Let’s welcome the freak show and start rewarding those that walk the high wire of genius.

(photo via rey mangouta)