Welcoming an Alien Race

Welcoming an Alien Race

  • I’m sorry we don’t do that here.
  • No you need to read the fine print, it’s in there.
  • Well it wasn’t like that when we sold it to you.
  • Now I’m not exactly sure who’s responsibility this is so I’ll have to get back to you.
  • Hm, that’s odd, I feel as if you should be the one apologizing to me.
  • There’s nothing I can do to help you.
  • No, we can’t.
  • Sure, you can return it, as long as you pay for return shipping and a restock fee.

Why is it when customers walk through our doors, call our phones, or send us a note that we welcome them like an alien race? Have we forgotten who really keeps the lights on?

If your business has customers, then it’s time to stop treating them like idiots and start treating them like your favorite person on the planet.

Even if it isn’t your personal responsibility, the best companies, employees, managers, and entrepreneurs take responsibility and shift terrible moments into recoveries. They create joy where there should be anger. Thankfulness where there is disappointment.

So next time a customer calls, please don’t answer the phone like an alien just walked into the room. Treat them like you’re glad they called and give them a welcome party that makes them never want to leave your planet.

Now, let's go make somebody’s day.

(photo via bill lile)