What To Do When You Owe Someone Money

What To Do When You Owe Someone Money

Most people owe money to someone. If you loaned someone 50 bucks and they never pay you back, it makes you wonder what sort of conundrum that 50 bucks fell into.

When people owe you money and they are posting pictures online of them buying new things. (There’s a guy that owes me money right now and his face is on a billboard).

What not to do when you owe money:

  • Act like you’re traveling all the time.
  • Say that it's coming when you know it's not.
  • Go MIA. Not answer your calls.
  • Post pictures of yourself buying new stuff.

Here are a few tips to handle it:

  • Admit that you are wrong.
  • Keep high communication—at least every couple of days. Emails.
  • Pay something towards it. Even if it's $10 and the person shouts at you. Goodwill counts for something.
  • If you're completely down and out and something goes wrong, call the person and negotiate. Cut it down, but be nice about it.

(photo via carnagenyc)