Whatever's Easy

Whatever's Easy

There’s an idiom in the Midwest USA that goes something like this...

You walk into a hotel to check-in. As the hostess is checking you in, she asks, “Do you prefer a room on a high floor or low floor?"

You then reply, “Whatever’s easy.”


Imagine we ran our lives this way (and maybe you do).


Your business partner says to you, "Should we pick up the phone and call a few people and tell them about what we’re doing?”

“Whatever’s easy,” you say nonchalantly.

“Should we apply to present at our local chamber of commerce meeting?”

“Whatever’s easy.”

“Should we even try to start our company?”

“Whatever’s easy.”


Or imagine, your wife asks you on your anniversary, “Baby cakes, what did you get me for our 5th anniversary?”

“Whatever’s easy.”


We’ve got to get away from seeking the easy path! Resolve in yourself right now, nothing is easy. It’s not easy being alive. We want it to be, but it’s not.

You may have never heard this phrase, but this thinking is ingrained in all of us from infancy. Find the easy path, choose the road well-traveled, and don’t cause trouble. Watch out for this thinking.

No one accomplished anything great by choosing whatever’s easy.


3 things of note:

1. 1 Million Cups Tulsa celebrated it’s one year birthday last week! Over 100 startups have now presented locally in Tulsa. There were a few media stations that came out for the story, check out one here. Congrats!

2. Congrats to our dear friend and CEO of Thou Mayest Coffee Roasters in Kansas City, USA. The wedding was awesome and we had an amazing time celebrating with our dear friends. It also was an excuse to imbibe in as much coffee as we were allowed and have a few killer strategy sessions as a team.

3. Pitch Nights in Harare had an amazing turnout last Thursday. Another rocking environment, packed room, and inspiring presentations and power-talk from Nigel Chanikira. Our next Pitch Night will be the last Thursday (Thanksgiving for our USA friends) of November. We’ll be celebrating Pitch Night’s first birthday then as well. Be sure to be there if you can.

(photo via jamie chalmers)