When Professionals Get in the Way of Greatness

When Professionals Get in the Way of Greatness

It could be the one thing that frustrates movement more than anything in a business. More than tardiness, more than incomplete work, more than a bad advert or tagline. In fact, even more than a bad attitude.

It's when someone is telling you that you’ve missed the mark on your work, but their words don't match their expertise. At first, you listen to the honest feedback only to realize the extent of this person's critical knowledge comes from a 1996 textbook on marketing. When pressed, they proudly declare that they have a Zimbabwean Design Diploma so we should all listen to their every word. (By the way, this degree is outdated and irrelevant to how design is done in today’s world.)

When a professional marketer nitpicks on everything except the major things, your team’s greatness is being derailed.

When an employee needs to feel important and makes sure that he has something to say, even if it's absurd. Derailed.

When the focus group cheers, but the professional says that it doesn't look genuine and we should redo it. They’re getting in the way.

This nitpicking professional is stretching thick red-tape, but in reality it’s protecting nothing.

Someone once said, "I have 25 years of experience in an industry."

Another person answered him, "No sir, you have 2 years of experience, then you did the same thing over and over again for 23 years."

Watch for the professionals that stifle movement. And remember that consistent quality work (track record) is always better than a degree stamped on crisp paper.

(photo via nuon)