When The Small Becomes Big

When The Small Becomes Big

Do big things so that the small things stay small.

I know a lady who's biggest event in her week is taking her dog out to play fetch. She has a simple home and focuses on all the small things that make up her personal life. These small things become the big accomplishments of her week. When something small goes wrong, it's a disaster. It towers over her life like a bad storm. Often, it cripples her.

Big business men like Donald Trump, Bill Gates, and Mark Cuban have all been sued, nearly filed bankruptcy (some actually have), but the sustained focus on big things (big vision, big sales, big relationships) allows them to come out of the mess in perspective. I've caught myself slipping into a dizzy spell of making the small details my focus. Then I stood back and looked at my day and realized the "big" wasn't there.

I believe in details, but the details must be part of big themes. Small themes will let you down when they fail. The small only gives you a slight high of fulfillment when they are completed. Checking my emails: small thing. Small goal, small theme. As opposed to "adding value to relationships through email communicaton." Change the focus from having a small theme to having a big theme.

When you're doing big things, (i.e. giving your time to a local children's home, or starting a company that will solve a societal problem, etc.), the small things are more rewarding, and they stay small.

Big thing: outward focused, impacting others. Taking initiative to ahieve something that's bigger then a menial task for just YOU.

Someone may say, "Well it's the little things that make a difference." Yes it is, but the little things that make a difference, come from a big desire—a big desire to do something good for someone else.

Keep small in its place. And let the small help you accomplish the big. Not the other way around.