When You Feel Like You Can't

When You Feel Like You Can't

The power cuts have gotten worse. Growing up, it used to be intermittent—8 hours without power here and there. Now, we have power cuts for days in a row. Why is that?

One of my best friends no longer contacts me, doesn’t return my calls, and acted disinterested in me when I bumped into him a few months ago. Then he calls a distant relative of mine to stay at their house when he goes on vacation later this year. What’s up with that?

When person after person commits to come to your event and be a part of the community, but then never show up. Why even commit in the first place? It hurts worse when you commit and don’t come, rather than being up front that you can’t come.

In the movie Facing the Giants, a winless team is struggling with wanting to quit. Their coach gets the biggest guy on the team to do an exercise where he carries another teammate on his back while doing a bear crawl down the field—the death crawl. He thinks he can go 30 yards, but the coach asks him to go 50, and to give it his best.

Blindfolded, the player begins the long, slow death crawl. He wants to give up multiple times, but the coach urges him on, screaming at him, imploring him to keep going, don’t give up, you can do it, you’re almost there.

When the player finally collapses with exhaustion, he had crawled the entire length of the field (watch the scene here). Who’s urging you on to push past the pain?

The winter olympics start in Sochi, Russia next month. I saw an interview with one of the speed skaters. He said, “When you’re on the world’s biggest stage, going for the gold, pain doesn’t exist anymore, you just keep going…”

No power, dishonest people, lost relationships, moments of true failure. I feel like I can’t every single day. We all feel that way. It’s the brave that look in the mirror and remind themselves of where they’ve come from, of who they are and who they’re becoming.

You can. It’s only one more step.

You can. It’s only someone saying no.

You can. It’s only temporary.

You’re not alone.

When you feel like you can’t is the moment of true breakthrough. Give it your best.

2014 is waiting.

(photo via brian colson)