Where Did Pitch Night Go?

Where Did Pitch Night Go?

Where did Pitch Night go?

A few people have asked. Well the truth is, we took a short break because we've been stirring a whole bunch of collaboration in one big pot and the stew is starting to smell delicious.

Pitch Night was birthed out of a desire to see the entrepreneurs of a city come together to support each other. It is a place that has served as a gateway point to the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Harare. If you want to find the best people to invest in, connect with up and coming business minds, or be inspired, Pitch Night is the place to go.

From the beginning, we always saw Pitch Night as a future television show—a sort of Dragon’s Den meets Mbare market trading.

We made an announcement in November 2015 that it was in the pipeline after talking with our friends at Udugu Institute and discovering a common vision. We didn't just leave it a concept stage. So far, 2016 marked a lot of hard work on the show and now Season 1 is receiving the final touches.

It's been tough to keep quiet about it because the show has everything: humor, suspense, deals on the spot, and tons of mentorship via the characters.

Emerging Ideas' Tommy, Udugu Institute (lead by Thule & Irene), our very own Costa who operated Pitch Nights, and our team at CMedia Africa came together to create something that we think will appeal to a large audience who's searching for how to be part of, how to negotiate and how to pitch new ideas in Africa.

What does this have to do with our monthly Pitch Night?

When Pitch Night re-opens later this year, it will be the first round (the pre-round if you will) for Season 2 of the TV show.

All the presenters and innovators will now have a chance to be selected to pitch on TV to the 5 investors that could completely change their worlds.

Pitch Night is not going away. It’s just evolving into a more beneficial pipeline with a clear path to startup funding. If you do well at Pitch Night, chances are good that you’ll get the opportunity to present to our investors. And if they like you and your business, well, you’ll have to stay tuned in to find out what happens after that.

Be on the look out for more updates on the show and on Pitch Night and gear up for a great year. It's going to be fantastic. Thanks for your support.

(photo via cmedia)