Where Your Customer Wants To Go

Where Your Customer Wants To Go

Before you explain where you’re coming from find out where your customer wants to go.

1. Ask questions (and not yes or no questions), but open-ended why questions. Your goal here is to understand your customer deeper.

“What does your current workflow setup look like…?"

2. Then shut up and listen. Listen until they stop talking. Let me them expound. Ask them to expound. And don’t start talking or answering their question until there’s been a half second of silence.

As an entrepreneur, this is counter culture. You have to really try hard to stop and allow your customer to finish speaking.

3. Don’t try to sell to them immediately after dialog. Thank them for sharing. Get to know them. Understand who they are as a person. Then, if your company and product is still a good fit, then begin the discussion about your solution to their problem that you now deeply understand.

It takes practice, patience, and compassion to dialog with your customer. Try it sometime.

(photo via jroberts)