Why It Doesn't Matter. (Tech Beef)

Why It Doesn't Matter. (Tech Beef)

Today fame is sort of being warped. Tech startups are sort of the like the post-modern rock band. Writers now fling their pens around like the 80's metal guitarists. People write about themselves like the tabloids write about actors in Hollywood, and everyone has a fan base. Everyone. ;)

In the 90’s, your fan base was your classmates. Or the occasional rumor that got out to a few other schools of you being the greatest swimmer or fighter for that matter.

Back then, people would do a lot more physical fighting, now it has turned into a version of what I’m calling Tech Beef.

I'm mad at you! Boom, not following you anymore. Take that.

Followers, fame, perceived love and impact. It's not bad. But it's not something to build your world around. Fame doesn't last. It never does. What lasts is often things you'll never be remembered for or you won't even know you accomplished.

Here's proof.

  • Ever heard of a guy called Sydney Newman? He was the head of drama at BBC in the 60's and was responsible for creating Dr Who.
  • Eugene Cernan—heard of him? Well he's one of the few men who've actually set foot on the moon.
  • Norman Borlaug was a scientist, whose cross-breeding work has saved more than 1 billion people from starvation across the globe.
  • Mark Spitz? The Best World Swimmer 20 years ago.
  • Walter Hunt? Created the drawing pen.
  • Fred Harvey? Started the idea of restaurant chains around the world and franchises.
  • Mary Anning? She found the first dinosaur skeleton.
  • Fats Waller? One of the most famous singers on the planet 90 years ago.

Why doesn't fame matter?

Eventually no one cares.

So it has to be about bettering society, passing the baton and building communities.

If you're looking for fame or you love carrying around a briefcase full of "I'm important," pretty soon you won't be.

So we have to think more than one generation away from where we are.

No one will remember the app you built or the money you made. They’ll remember you by the generational vision you passed on. The character you possessed. And the family you raised.

It’s time to focus on what really matters. Who’s with me?

(photo via david holmes)