Why Just YOU Won't Work

Why Just YOU Won't Work

It's easy to become focused on the lesser good—you. The greater good is made up of other people—communities, generations, culture—anything that's not just a self-portion of focus.

Doing good things for just you is satisfying for a moment, but doing things that really do help the greater good is not just satisfying, it's fulfilling. Constant self-focus leads you to comparing with other people, comparison never ends, and something that never ends can become a sort of jail cell.

Why just you won't work (there's no I or U in team):

  • There's a lot of Catfish Love on social media, so it's not a good indicator of your impact. (Catfish Love: think puckered lips in a selfie for a visual). Seth Godin said this, It's not about how many people follow you on Twitter, or how many likes you have on Facebook. It's about how many people will actually miss you when you're gone.
  • One person alone can't create a culture & culture transforms society. We need each other.
  • Who are you pushing more then yourself? If everyone has self-belief but not other-people-belief that's just an ego.
  • Relationship is everything. Who are you building with? Building with the wrong people may give you sleepless nights about how you'll keep your part of the equity or if your business will get stolen from you.
  • You die with YOU. If it's all about you, then there's a natural end. If it's about something bigger it'll carry on long after your gone.

There's a BIG WORLD out there. Even though it's a small world after all, some people have absolutely minuscule worlds. Your own marketing should be ignored. If you've done something amazing, there's no time to admire yourself. There are a lot more people to help and a lot more good to be done. If you live in small country or a small city, it's easier to lean into the trap of changing the Micheal Jackson song “We Are The World"  to "I Am The World." Don't do this. Too many government ministers and self-exalted CEOs have crowded this room already.

It comes down to what's in front of you right now. The people, the problems to solve, your abilities to help one another, a little bit of faith mixed in with some action, and YOU (and me) taking a back seat to the greater good.


(photo via NASA)