Write The Review You Want To Receive

Write The Review You Want To Receive

The day is coming where customer feedback will be the ultimate determining factor for new customers to sign on. It’s happening all across the States, where social media and online reviews demand companies to be clear on what they value in their company. Fast and good are no longer optional. They are required.

These online ratings and reviews are ravaging many companies now in Africa. Facebook lights up when you ask “Which phone provider do you prefer?” or “Where’s the best chicken in town?"

Everyone has an opinion and a platform to share it nowadays.

So why are most companies not listening? If you asked, they’d absolutely want a 5-star review. Yet, they don’t treat you like they deserve one.

When thinking through your business and how you can set your customers up to give you nothing less than 5-stars, start with the end in mind. Work backwards.

"Write the five star review you’re hoping for—make this your manifesto and share it with your team. Now design every touchpoint in your business to make that review a reality.” [source]

No one becomes known for something great without first designing that greatness. The opposite is true for subpar delivery.

Start with the end in mind and design your business around the 5-star review you hope to see one day.

(photo via thaths)