You Didn't Have To But You Did

You Didn't Have To But You Did

Doing the small things right for a customer is often what takes your service over the top.

I had an afternoon coffee with my wife last week. After settling the bill, we were finishing up conversation and lingering, enjoying the nice day. I had just finished my cup of coffee when the waiter slid a freshly brewed cup with extra cream in front of me. He smiled, then off he went with his duties.

It was such a little thing. I had already paid! But he took his service to another level.

Exceed your customers' expectations—solve their problems before they realize they have them. Then show them the solutions with subtlety. James Altucher recently wrote, "Over-deliver (it is so easy to over-deliver and so few do it)."

I'll go out of my way to go to that cafe now because the guy gave me free, extra coffee. He didn't have to, but he did.

Ok, I hear you—"Yeah but giving your customer an extra cup of coffee is easy, my business is more complicated than this…"

Here are a couple more examples to get you thinking:

Say you have a creative design company, take your customer's expectations the extra mile by designing a business card because "We knew you'd need it with your new logo that we made you. And we already selected a printer and took the time to pick the perfect high quality paper. And because you're our client, we negotiated a 25% off discount. We don't make any money on that, but here's the first 50 cards to get you started…"

Didn't have to, but you did.

Or here's an example from one of our companies, C:Media. They took the videos they did for a few clients and submitted them to film festivals where the videos received quite a bit of mileage and coverage. C:Media then informed their clients once they received recognitions. Something like, "Oh by the way, we happened to submit your amazing video to a few festivals and it's getting you quite a bit press (here are a few links to take a look at, Mr. Customer)."

Didn't have you, but you did.

Leave a few ideas that you have for your company in the comments below. Or if you want help brainstorming how you can go the extra mile, comment here and we'll see if we can all help out with some suggestions.


Tommy is in Geneva, Switzerland this week at the World Economic Forum Headquarters participating in a Curators event for Global Shapers (the young entrepreneurship leaders across the globe). We'll post a full update from his European travels as his trip wraps up this week. What's not to love about Lake Geneva, the Alps, Gutenberg's printing press, and some of the brightest, young minds on the planet?

Tim enjoyed conducting an afternoon entrepreneurship workshop for education and economic civil leaders in Okmulgee, Oklahoma this past week. Even in Northeastern Oklahoma, people are dreaming big and it seems they've been inspired to envision their very own business incubator in Okmulgee.

Thanks for reading, it's a pleasure writing for you each week. Cheers,

Tommy & Tim

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