You Lost Me At Hello

You Lost Me At Hello

They're going to give your business or your ice cream shop or your new app a try.

They know all too well what dodgy looks like.

They smell lack of authenticity like sharks smell blood.

They want a quick reason to exit a store or a conversation. A reason to say, "I tried it and it didn't work.”

They know when a smile isn't genuine and when a hand shake is forced.

They know when the atmosphere resembles the "Meh" emoji and when no thought went into it.

They're creatures of habit and if they venture out into something new, they're not looking past the "work in progress” sign. Or the "please bear with us while we work on ourselves" faces at the new product launch.

If they download your app, they're sensitive if it doesn't work the way they want it to. And if their fears are fulfilled, then they're out.

If they walk into your new store, they're comparing it with others that have been around for decades—the places they're comfortable going to.

Most people I meet regarding a new product (or vision) say, "I was skeptical at first, but now that you've shown me the map and how it works, I'm in.”

They NEVER tell me, "You had me at hello." That's romance, not business.

When I meet people who are working on something grand and progressive, the summary they give might be intriguing, but I'm looking for the holes, and I'm definitely not convinced until I see the way it works.

You've got one chance to WIN.

It's not about the potential, it's about the current fireworks. If you weren't ready, why did you come to me? If you were still fixing things that are essential to the execution of your business, why did you open?

The THEY I’m talking about is the new generation of customer and they are looking for reasons why they can't connect and why they don't feel your vibe.

This might be a little extreme, but in reality, if someone tries it once and it doesn't ring in their hearts, to get them back again is almost impossible.

There are so many options out there. You have to nail it the first time.

Think of the last time someone tried to win you over…

(photo via tomas vimmr)