Your Strategy Needs A Strategy

Your Strategy Needs A Strategy

The New England Patriots embody success in the sporting world. Winners of 4 Super Bowls in the last 14 years, they’re truly a dynasty. With an all-star Quarterback who can seemingly win with a myriad of players on his roster, and a coach who is more like the emperor in Star Wars, the Patriots are the stuff legends are made of.

They are known for their strategy, level of execution of that strategy, and discipline to stay the course.

I’m not a fan, but I am inspired by them. Their attention to detail and strategic planning is unbelievable.

Your Strategy Needs A Strategy

The team has an overall strategy each year: win the Super Bowl. Then that strategy is broken into sub-strategies. The offense has a strategy. Then the offensive line has a strategy. Then they have a game plan for each opponent and each player is assigned a strategy to be successful in the game.

The Patriots took this a step further. They hired a man with a photographic memory to review all of their opponents' film from previous games. This man catalogued the opponent’s plays, play calls, and even hand signals. Here are a few examples of football signals, they’re complicated. And many teams use decoy signals to throw you off.

To take it a step further, the photographic memory man then tried to match up the signals with the plays. They had archives with thousands of pages of study on their opponents, so they could match up the perfect play against what the opponent would try to do.

To take it a step further, the Patriots would hire recently cut players from their opponents rosters. So if the Pittsburgh Steelers no longer needed their defensive tackle, the Patriots would hire him immediately, have him sit in the film room and confirm which signals matched the plays.

They did all of this to win one play of one game of one season in their route to win a Super Bowl.

With what these guys were willing to do for one play of one football match, how much more so should we be putting proper thought, preparation, and planning into the work and strategy of our companies?

We really can (and must) do better if you want to survive in the world economy we’re facing today. A decent strategy won’t cut it.

You need a strategy for each strategy and then the highest level of execution like the New England Patriots.

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