Zebras Over Unicorns

Zebras Over Unicorns

"We believe that developing alternative business models to the startup status quo has become a central moral challenge of our time. These alternative models will balance profit and purpose, champion democracy, and put a premium on sharing power and resources. Companies that create a more just and responsible society will hear, help, and heal the customers and communities they serve.” —Mara Zepada & Jennifer Brande [source]

There’s an undercurrent that has evolved from the Western startup communities that glorifies the quick exit—making 100X or even 10,000X an investors money.

They’re called unicorns. Think Facebook, Uber, Twitter, AirBnB, Google, Apple, and more.

The problem is, these are the exception to the rule. There are hundreds of thousands of failed businesses for this handful of diamonds.

And what happens is, other entrepreneurs begin to turn their nose up to a genuine great idea that produces a profit and is sustainable because it’s only producing 2X your money each year.

2X your money each year for 30 years is a heckuva deal, people.

There is nothing wrong with running a small business that makes a profit. In fact, we think it’s admirable. A great small business can do a lot of good, employ wonderful people, and make a real difference in a community and a nation.

Let’s stop fantasizing about growth statistics and dreaming of some massive exit. Strive to build a Zebra business. Zebras are sexier than unicorns anyway. And they’re real.

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photo via (marieke)