Zimbabwe Now the Poorest Country in the World

Zimbabwe Now the Poorest Country in the World

According to this article and this one, Zimbabwe is now the world’s poorest country. Of course, the Zimbabwean economists debate this with Congolese as to who is really last place. Because second-to-last place is always better than last place (hint of sarcasm there).

Worst Drought in 35 Years

Things are bad. Every sector is struggling. Some of Zimbabwe’s best businesses are closing their doors with each passing month.

I heard a quote recently from a famous coach. His team has won multiple championships and he’s the most winningest coach in history. When asked why his team wasn’t playing well he replied:

Most things are not X's & O's, but they're mental, they're heart, and they take strong communication to accomplish. Then with the right attitude and mindset, the play can be executed well.

I’ve been pondering this Zim as the world’s poorest country fact. Everyone is looking for a quick fix. It’s human nature. We all look for quick fixes and solutions to our problems. But Zimbabwe’s problem is not a quick fix. And it stems first from the hearts of it’s people. Sure the economic policies and decisions made affect things locally...

But for our nation to truly see change, it starts with our mindsets, our hearts, and the communication necessary to create a local culture and economy that we want to work in, start our businesses in, and raise our families in.

That doesn’t come easily. But I don't believe it’s wishful thinking either. It’s something we’re committed to and many of you reading this are also committed to. That’s what our community is about. Joining together and using our business acumen to bolster local economies, help those who are less fortunate than ourselves, and redeem our individual spheres of society.

If anything, this article validates the lives that we’ve all been living the past decade. Zimbabwe is a very real place to work and to do life. The challenges we face here are unlike any other.

Yet, there’s hope when we see the bigger picture of why we’re placed on this earth. And what we can accomplish if we work together on a local level to help one another.

Don’t lose hope. Be validated in your struggle. It’s real and we’re all in this together. Please resist the urge to climb over people to get what you want. Let’s work together and collectively raise the boats in the harbour as our tide rises.

Cheers and thanks for reading.

(photo via andrew ashton)